Monday, September 27, 2010

Everyone is Growing Up!

I need to do some serious blog updating, someday. For now, Adee had her first day of Kindergarten, Shep has POTTY POWER (don't ask) and is wearing his big boy underoo's as he calls them, and Baylor is still eating like a champ and is all belly! :>

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Here's to Baylor!

Well, apparently I can't slack on my baby posts! As you will see in the pictures two weeks in a baby's life makes a HUGE difference! Baylor looks like a different baby from his week one picture to his week three picture. Maybe that is because the little man likes to eat every two hours ALLLLLLL day and ALLLLLLL night! He is kicking my can, but I am glad he is growing so well. We are all so happy that he made it here safe and sound. Adee and Shep love him and always ask if they can hold him or kiss him, it is sweet. I have to keep my post short because my eyes are not focusing on the computer and Adee and Shep are unsupervised which always means trouble. I will try to be better at posting pics, but I'll make no guarantees. Love to you all! The Butlers

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Lots of DANCE!!!!

Adee had two dance recitals this year. She had a lot of fun in both. She loves getting her makeup done, and the costumes are the best part for her. :> My mom came down and spent the weekend with us, which was a big help because we had rehearsals Friday and Saturday and Shep was not as into it as Adee was. :> The last two pictures are of Adee in Shep's crib reading to him. I asked her to go in and keep him company after he had awoken from his nap and I walked in to find a picture perfect little moment. :> Hope everyone is great!

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Okay, still a terrible blogger! We have had so much going on! Adee played soccer again this spring and she did very well until the last two games when she decided she was "bored with it." What to do? She also learned to ride her bike with "none wheels" as she says. It was so funny because she learned on a Saturday and on Sunday we went out again to get some pictures of her and when she got on and started pedaling she said, "Yep, still got it!" It made Sam and I laugh so hard, since we continually tell ourselves that EXACT same thing! ;> HA! Adee also graduated from All American Preschool, they had a program and Adee played Marie Had a Little Lamb on her harmonica, she did it perfectly - this girl loves to be center stage, could be a problem! :>
I threw in some pics of Shep since he is always along for the ride. He is such a sweet boy and he always asks when the baby will be here to play trains with him. We are at 30 weeks with our little guy in the oven, can't wait to meet him. I have to say I am still nervous to have a new little one even though it is number three. We have a ton of stuff to keep us busy till he gets here, so hopefully it will go fast. Wishing you all well, The Butlers.

Friday, March 19, 2010

I know, about time! :>

Adee had a little dance competition where she was a dinosaur and danced to the song Everybody Walk the Dinosaur - which is funny because I actually remember that song when it was cool, not something silly for a kid to dance to. :> She did well and had fun of course. Please note that in the pictures there is no coaching from me on posing. Adee comes up with it all on her own, not sure where that comes from, but it is cute. :>
We found out that we will be having another little guy in our house this August. Adee fell over in her chair and cried. I would like to say that maybe we could try for a girl later on, but I am thinking maybe not more than maybe so. :> I hope that Shep and this new little one will be great buds. He really gravitates to other little boys, so I am excited for him. We are ready for Spring and warmer weather, can't wait to get out and plant the garden and do OUTSIDE stuff. We hope you are all happy and well, The Butlers.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My blogging is terrible.....

BUT, I have the best excuse ever! ;> Baby Butler #3 is on the way, set to arrive on the 10th of August. YAY!! This little one is already showing me who is boss!
The last three months have been a bit rough. :>
I have Christmas pictures and sledding pictures and so on that I could post, but I am too tired and what is the point now, right? We hope you are all doing great, I promise I will get better at blogging soon.......I hope. Ashlee.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

A little behind...

Okay, so Halloween is long past and so is Shep's second birthday. I am behind!!! :> Adee and Shep were Dorothy and the COURAGEOUS Lion for Halloween and I guess you all know what that made me... the GOOD witch! :> They had a ball and I think they both thought they were very cool on their costumes, they kept looking in the mirror and smiling. Shep tried to hide his happiness with himself, but not Adee, she never does. :> Shep also turned two November 3. He is getting so big!! He can talk up a storm and he holds his own with his smart sister. He wipes my kisses of his face these days and when I ask for one he says "nope" and smiles. Love him. :> We have lots of party pics thanks to my wonderful sister in law :> so hope you all enjoy them. Ash.